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Data Center Test System


Some hardware testing tasks, such as extensive cabling and networking testing, can be laborious and time-consuming to do manually. In addition, a manual approach might not always be effective in finding certain classes of defects.
Test Automation offers a possibility to perform these types of testing effectively.

What is DCTS?

The Corner Data Center Test System is a Linux based automated software running system. It is developed primarily for parallel testing the servers, network devices, their network relationship and connectivity in an automated way.

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This tool could be useful to save time and become sure that all the products are fully functional during rack integration.

How it works

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Staging Controller

  • Prepared environment, operating systems and components
  • All components run in a different VM individually. Easy to separate and move
  • Prepared NFS-root environment is based on the new Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Linux server platform
  • Another system responsible for web-based interface and database system
  • Ubuntu and Debian distros used for VMs because these systems supported by almost all hardware and software vendors and these operating systems well documented and maintained distributions
  • Using Vanilla kernel for PXE-based systems is a guarantee to be able to suit recent technologies and maintain drivers
  • Prepared NFS-root contains all related software components
  • After booting, all servers have a separate environment individually
  • This system also contains the most script languages and its components to write and run tests and collectors

Easy to use web-based user interface

  • Capable of storing and display meta and real information on racks, networks, computers and any other things and devices customer needs to know on this inventory
  • Shows up all given and found information by underlying software on all devices individually
  • Operators can easily add, modify and remove racks, computers, network devices, networks on one interface
  • Easy to add, remove, modify or re-run tests with only some mouse clicks
  • Has an API to be able to provide stored information for other systems
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DCTS at work

From one of the biggest telecommunication supplier comes the requirements that there is a need for parallel testing of multiple rack systems, which gives detailed reporting of execution, able to re-execute selected cases in batches or individually. Beside that is capable to handle rack design layouts and able to create detailed inventory of rack setup including the cabling connections. For automated data processing should provide an API interface where all the available information can be reached. The tool should do Automatic detection of failed HW elements, capable to configure switches from factory default setting and reset it back to factory state.

When it comes to reality

We are proud that our software is capable to handle parallel testing of multiple racks simultaneously.


The Date Center Test System provides you an interface from which you can follow and organize all the necessary details what is important for your business.

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You can get most of available details about each device after automated data collection.

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Test cases

The tool has several test cases to try make sure that devices within the rack are functional.
At same time, there is test cases available for verification on cabling design and network connectivity as well.

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This is a great solution if you must deliver many servers in time to your customers and would like to sleep well that what you deliver to your customers does not have defects when they receive it. Helps to minimize onsite work.

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