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Private Cloud

We provide you with the best of proven cloud deployments and open source innovation. You receive complete deployment, operations, management and proactive monitoring of your open source private cloud. However, there are several reasons why you may eventually decide to internally manage your cloud, such as a management decision, the need to capitalize all investments, the need for greater control, etc.

Service Objective


Operational Assessment & Transfer Plan

We assess the current state of your business and technical operations. We collaborate with your IT Operations team in building a joint transfer plan that includes training requirements, OSS integration scope and a schedule for delivery. The implementation of OSS integration is excluded from this program but can be executed by purchasing additional services.

Team Enablement

Your IT Ops team engages in public and/or private training and completes OpenStack or Kubernetes trainings as applicable. Our training focuses on the process to deploy, configure and manage cloud environments, software defined networks and software defined storage solutions. Also, hand-on labs provide you with direct OpenStack experience.

System and Process Integration

We assess your processes (tools, workflows), identifies/closes gaps and updates SOPs runbook(s) with your specific tools and processes. We provide knowledge transfer on operations recommended practices, incident management, and DevOps automations.

Run Shadow Operations

We work together with your IT Ops team on your existing OpenStack clouds. First, we take the lead with your IT Ops in support. Next the roles are reversed where your IT Ops is in the lead with us in a supporting role. Together the operations teams jointly complete a version upgrade of one Data Center.

Support SLAs

Based on your company needs we can provide Production Care 24×7 or Lab Care 8×5 support packages.

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