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OpenStack Cloud Solution

What is OpenStack?

OpenStack is an open source cloud computing software platform.

OpenStack consists of projects that control pools of storage, computing and networking resources throughout a data center. This data center can be managed through a web-based interface, command-line tools, or through a REST API.


DC Corner OpenStack provides a comprehensive cloud environment with streamlined usability and massive scalability, based on the latest innovations for OpenStack, the leading open-source OS for IaaS and private clouds. Our OpenStack software package gives you the control and flexibility you need in order to build a reliable IT infrastructure, with automated deployment, streamlined management features, and complete virtualization of all cloud, networking and storage components.

Customers Can Benefit From

  • Complete support for traditional and OCP hardware
  • Streamlined deployment with fine-grained customization
  • Accurate resource utilization monitoring throughout the entire cluster
  • Powerful diagnostics into cluster nodes to ensure the health of each node
  • Non-disruptive orchestrated updates of the entire cluster
  • Ability to easily add or remove servers using a centralized GUI

The Cornerstack OpenStack software package is based on the latest release of OpenStack. It comes complete with automated deployment and centralized management of your cloud environments, from provisioning and configuration to orchestration and reporting. It delivers compute, networking, block storage, and object storage, as well as a centralized web portal for streamlined, simplified administration.

Cornerstack v1.2 Core Features

  • Bare metal servers auto discovery, configuration and management
  • Cloud environments provisioning, configuration and scaling
  • Visual resources monitoring
  • Load balancing
  • High availability
  • Cloud nodes diagnostics
  • Qualified and tested with Ubuntu 16.04, with future support for RHEL and CentOS

Datacenter Corner has validated and optimized both standard and Open Compute (OCP) platforms for its Cornerstack OpenStack software package. The following are reference architectures, but for specific customer deployments, whether for proof of concept (POC) or production, Datacenter Corner also offers engineering consultation and design services to evaluate the specific project parameters and requirements to make recommendations on optimal architectures.

OCP Reference Architecture

openstack cloud solution Openstack Cloud Solution OpenStack Cloud Solution Reference Architecture 2

Standard 19″ Reference Architecture

openstack cloud solution Openstack Cloud Solution OpenStack Cloud Solution Reference Architecture 1

In addition to providing a total OpenStack solution, Datacenter Corner knows what it takes to support customer deployments and setup, as well as how to run a private cloud infrastructure. Let our dedicated engineering team lend its core competency in cloud architecture and programming to bring up, customize and maintain your cloud computing environment.

Service Planning

  • Initial Assessment of Cloud Infrastructure Requirements
  • Delivery of Detailed Infrastructure Design Proposal
  • Data Center Consultation
  • Onsite Deployment Requirements and Environmental Recommendations
  • Power, Cooling, and Floor Layout Planning

Service Deployment

  • Datacenter Corner Hardware Platform Deployment and Setup
  • Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning and OpenStack Software Packages Setup
  • Install and Configure Customer Software Packages
  • Testing and Validation

Customer Preparation And Orientation

  • Management GUI
  • Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Bare Metal Automated Deployment
  • OpenStack Compute Project
  • Install and Configure Nova, Keystone, Horizon, Glance
  • OpenStack Storage Project
  • Install and Configure Object and Block Storage
  • OpenStack Network Project
  • Install and Configure Virtual Networking via Neutron
  • Maintenance and Service Training for Administrators and Technicians

Customer Support

  • Provides Cornerstack OpenStack Updates and Patches
  • Troubleshooting Hardware and Networking
  • Phone Help Support
  • Comprehensive Support by OpenStack Experts

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