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OCP Solutions

Facebook set out to develop innovative data center and data center server solutions that were both energy- and cost-efficient. In an unprecedented move, Facebook decided to share its designs with the larger community in an effort to promote and encourage power efficiency and future innovation. The Open Compute Project (OCP) was born from this desire and officially launched in April of 2011.

OCP platforms are uniquely designed to be modular, repurposable building blocks built for large-scale data center infrastructures. When it comes to OCP Solutions, advantages over legacy hardware include unprecedented agility to quickly reconfigure hardware resources for changing application needs, and an inherently cost-efficient, open rack design that circumvents operational maintenance and vendor lock-in overhead. With OCP Solutions, you’ll never need to throw out servers during refresh cycles. Simply upgrade components into the existing infrastructure for additional year-over-year savings.

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One Platform Solution

Corner’s Platform is the most dynamic and powerful offering in our OCP Solutions line. With in-rack battery backup, intelligent DCM software and a modular building block design, One Platform can be reconfigured to support a wide variety of applications.



OCP servers were designed for the hyper-scale data center, and are among the most-efficient, scalable systems in the world.

Cost Efficient

One of the major design goals of OCP was to build out a data center at the lowest possible cost and reduce both CAPEX and OPEX expenditures. This goal is realized by removing many unused features found on traditional motherboards and delivering efficient, cold-aisle servicing within a vanity-free design.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is what OCP is all about. OCP servers are capable of being up to 38% more power efficient than traditional server hardware. This is due in part to the innovative method in which power is received and distributed to servers and storage within the rack. Fewer conversions of power are required, leading to more effective Power usage Efficiency (PuE).

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