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Rack Integration

Datacenter Corner has a proven track record in delivering Data Center Solutions and Integration Services Infrastructure deployed Worldwide.

The primary method for swift & efficient deployment of infrastructure into a modern datacenter is a fully integrated rack-level solution. Datacenter Corner designs and manufactures compute, storage and networking solutions at the rack level that are production environment-ready and optimized for your datacenter, enabling you to realize revenue sooner.

Going beyond basic rack integration requirements, Datacenter Corner provides complete thermal testing, power-draw efficiency testing, burn-in, quality and logistics support at the rack level. Full racks are tested as an integrated unit vs. a series of parts ensuring operability at deployment. Customized rack designs can be implemented to optimize power and network cable routing and further tailor the solution to your actual datacenter environment.

At Datacenter Corner, we believe that your time is valuable and we want to provide customers with more time for important business considerations and application tasks, and not getting tied up with unpacking, racking, cabling, and testing servers.

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To realize your vision, you need proven platforms, solutions and partnership to provide architectural knowledge, flexibility and a rock solid foundation for your success.

With our team of experts you have access to decades of experience. Our architects and engineers have broad experience tailoring and optimizing everything from non-stop business critical environments to facility level scale out solutions.

Our process includes following steps for full Rack turnkey solution:


Our rack integration engineering teams review customers’ requirements along with server, switch and PDU configurations to optimize rack dimensions, cabling arrangements, and PDU selections to meet the customers’ specifications for onsite deployment. Engaging early can help the customer select an optimal solution to best fit their needs.

Power Budget

We works closely with our customer to ensure that the equipment being installed is within power parameters imposed by space, connection and or region. Accordingly we selects servers and networking devices to fit the platform and customers’ power constraints. The power team delivers fast, accurate power budget reports to increase server density, decrease solution footprint, and lower TCO.

BOM Creation

Based on the calculated power budget, customers may choose the appropriate PDU from a list; or experienced personnel can recommend suitable PDUs able to supply sufficient power. Together with the chosen PDU, servers and networking devices, a Bill of Materials is created.

Rack Layout

Professional experienced layout engineers will provide draft and final layouts for customer review and final integration it includes the BOM, an entire rack-level engineering layout diagram will be created according to the server and networking device power socket and data port positions and the implementation of underlying applications.


Assembly will be completed by production personnel with all custom parts installed. Subjected to the requirements, production department will assemble servers/nodes according to the server BOM. Networking devices will be integrated and third party devices will be procured in tandem with the assembly process to ensure that each server node meets strict tests and is configured to meet the requirements.

Rack and Stack

Our experienced assembly technicians will stack these parts inside the appropriate rack cabinets according to the SOP. The services team will securely mount servers, switches, power distribution units, and accessories to the racks, with labeling to customers’ specifications or in accordance to industry best practices. Systems interconnections and additional testing will help to guarantee the best possible customer experience.

Cabling and Labeling

After the server systems are stacked inside their respective racks, technicians will wire the data and power cords according to the engineering layout diagrams. Each cable will also be labeled clearly with a unique identifier.

BIOS Settings

After a solution is completed, each node’s BIOS settings will be professionally updated, adjusted and tested. Nodes will also be consistent to each other according to customer’s preference.

OS and Customer Imaging

Operating Systems and customer images can be pre-installed and configured into each node with professional tools. This greatly saves the customer time and effort and provides flexibility for customers to deploy their resources to their core application.

Full Rack Burn-in and QA

After the above procedures have been completed, a full rack burn-in test will be performed, for a testing length preferred by the customer and validated according to professional quality assurance procedures. This guarantees the reliability of the solution during extended periods in an optimized running environment. After all the above tests have been performed, a performance benchmark report will be generated and evaluated. Through this step can provide solution integration with a consistently high level of quality through an end-to-end validation test, extended burn-in, and test record.

Packaging and Delivery

To support our global customers, we employ the use of shock resistant crates which allow racks to be safely and rapidly shipped worldwide from our Hungarian integration facility. Completed racks arrive fully cabled, labeled, tested, and are ready for installation upon deployment to your datacenter.

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We Design, Build and Deploy.You Go Live!

You need a partner that you can trust to help you through that “Last Mile” for that high quality deployment – You can achieve with Datacenter Corner.